FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Harvard Square Editions launches Gates of Eden

A 1960s novel of resistance, rebellion, and love

Who were the people who joined forces to create the most powerful antiwar movement in American history? Why did they demand the impossible? And... will Gates’ young rebels resonate today as a new generation rises up?

Praise for Gates of Eden...

Silver Medalist, 2012 Independent Publishers Book Awards

Set against the turmoil of the Vietnam war at home, Gates of Eden is a fine novel, very much recommended. — The Midwest Book Review

Seven young people propelled into activism by the turbulence of the 1960's... a gypsy odyssey played out against nascent revolution that Degelman so vividly chronicles in Gates of Eden. — San Francisco Book Review

Gates of Eden has answers "blowin’ in the wind!" A gutsy, uncompromising read. — S. Weinstein, NotAnotherBookReview

Gates of Eden is no sentimental apologia for the Sixties. It's the real deal. Charlie Degelman was there, moving at the same breakneck pace as his characters. I know. I was there with him. — Peter Coyote, actor, author, Sleeping Where I Fall

Degelman takes us on a freewheeling ride through the Vietnam antiwar movement. Gates of Eden resonates as a new generation embarks on new journey of resistance and rebellion. — Eric Watson, filmmaker, Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain

Gates of Eden is an important novel. Excellently written and profoundly moving, Degelman explores the tangled relations of a country at war — not only in Southeast Asia but with itself.” — Sharon Dilworth, author, Year of the Ginko

Overview: Gates of Eden follows a handful of young rebels as they come of age and unite with their compatriots to build the most powerful antiwar movement in history.

As the Vietnam war escalates, our young rebels band together to voice their opposition to the war their lives intertwining in a celebration of resistance, rebellion, and love. As the war at home speaks truth to power, outside pressure and inside passions build. Along the way, they discover that The Man is not always their worst enemy.

After years of struggle, our weary, war-at-home veterans reach a turning point. Both factions — young men and women we have grown to know — sit exhausted amidst the debris of a riot-torn ’68 Democratic Convention. In SDS leader David’s words, “We tried everything. Wrote to Congress. Voted for Kennedy. Practiced nonviolence and got our heads caved in. Practiced violence and got our heads caved in. Committed treason. Nothing worked.”

“So you’re gonna take up arms?” Eddie, a Vietnam vet turned antiwar strategist asks. “You call that revolution? Kids with guns?”

Solidarity and consensus fade. Each group must take its own path, one leading toward reform from within, the other leading to guerrilla warfare. Which path did Gates’ characters choose? Which path will today’s young rebels take in their quest for justice?

Relevance: In a recent interview about Gates of Eden, author Degelman said, “When you push the power structure, they push back. We pushed so hard that they set out to destroy us and we felt their blows. They didn’t succeed, but it was intense and often terrifying. Nevertheless, we never, ever gave up.” 

Today, the nation finds itself embedded in another military quagmire and held hostage by a stolen economy. Gates of Eden’s appearance on the scene could not be more timely.

Tens of millions of Americans young and old feel the impact of  foreign wars, a stolen economy, and the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement. As with their Sixties’ brothers and sisters, Americans are waking up and pushing back. They, too, feel the impact of a threatened power structure. Will Gates’ characters speak to them?

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Author: Charles Degelman

Publisher: Harvard Square Editions (HSE), Ltd.

ISBN:  978-0-9833216-3-7

$14.95 trade paperback 5 x 8 inches, 365 pgs / $2.99 eBook

Release date: August 1, 2012

For background on the publisher, Harvard Square Editions, see this Publishers Weekly article:


Charles Degelman is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. As regards his writing and activism, he walks his talk. An early civil rights activist and member of SDS, he went on to work with the notorious San Francisco Mime Troupe as actor, musician, and writer, producing antiwar plays and travelling from campus to campus during the impactful student-based mobilization against the Vietnam War. “We were truly ‘outside agitators’,” Degelman proclaimed in a recent interview.

Degelman recently completed Gates of Eden, a historical novel set in this same anti-war movement of the 1960s. Gates recently collected a Silver Medal from the Independent Publishers Book Awards.

His first novel, A Bowl Full of Nails, was a finalist in the Bellwether Competition, sponsored by Barbara Kingsolver. Impressions of two trips to Cuba have been published in Cuba by Travellers Tales. Excerpts from American Postcards, fictional snapshots of a young boy growing up absurd in the 1950s appear in ThriveNYC and Above Ground, a short fiction anthology.

His first screenplay, FIFTY-SECOND STREET, collected an award from the Diane Thomas Competition. A second screenplay, THE RED CAR, was a finalist in the American Zoetrope competition, sponsored by Francis Ford Coppola and he recently received California-wide recognition for his utopian screenplay NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN.

Degelman has served as editor to writers of all ages and in every format from history to fiction to current events. He is responsible for acquiring material and editing the critically acclaimed Voice from the Planet, a globe-trotting anthology of short fiction designed to cross political, social, cultural, and gender barriers.

In addition, he has written and produced documentary and educational films for TNT, Churchill Films, Pyramid Films, Philips Interactive Media, and others. Titles include a feature-length biography of filmmaker John Huston for TNT and an award-winning biography of Mozart for Philips Interactive.

A long-time theater artist, Degelman co-founded the Indecent Exposure Theater Company,  a Los Angeles - based company that creates original, socially relevant work for the stage.

He recently earned an MFA in creative writing and communications studies at California State University, Los Angeles where he teaches screenwriting and media studies.

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